Stoppa nöjes jakten på utrotnings hotade djur.

På Facebook finns det en grupp som heter STOP-Trophy-Hunting-NOW

Visst är det vidrigt, men gå in och läs och titta. Det får en att få upp ögonen vad en del gör för nöjes skull. T.o.m OS medaljörer i skytte har denna ” hobby”.  Visar upp sig stolt med sitt skjutna djur..

One “Sport” that is unworthy of trophy. PLEASE, help us put a stop to this senseless decimation of our (often endangered) wildlife heritage.

THE WILD AFRICAN LION COULD BE HEADING FOR EXTINCTION WITHIN A DECADE if the trophy hunters and poachers aren’t stopped. This is just ONE example of what we’re up against.
Decisive and effective US/EU trophy import legislation will help.

This Page is NOT here to challenge subsistence hunting for food (where it’s done with skill, ecological awareness and respect and where there is need).
It is NOT here to promote a vegetarian/vegan diet – there are plenty of forums to do that on.
It is NOT here to facilitate extremist ARA threats of/incitement to violence.

STHN is here to do something about the sick, wanton decimation – the killing for pleasure, for kicks, for trophy – of our shared ecological heritage, our increasingly endangered, beautiful, precious wildlife and of those creatures that have been cruelly captive bred, simply to be shot, by sub-human cowards, in enclosures, in the name of “sport”.

Every sane, intelligent, compassionate, mentally/emotionally-balanced, ecologically-aware human being is opposed to the aberration that is trophy hunting.

It is time to think of every influential person, celebrity, Government official etc., who you know and to approach them with requests for help to stop the killing of the precious wildlife we have left.

This despicable, sadistic, ego-centric type of hunter is destroying both beauty and a gene pool that the increasingly threatened wildlife on this planet simply cannot afford to lose. Our wildlife heritage belongs to us all, worldwide. We borrow it from our children and we share responsibility for its protection.

This Page is here to raise awareness of this abominable, irresponsible practice, amongst those who thought went out in colonial days. It didn’t.

We are here to show those who indulge in trophy hunting, that good people will not tolerate their vile and unsporting behavior against our majestic animals.